Aurora Properties

Aurora Properties, the best inventory of residential
and commercial properties in Puerto Rico.


Reduced prices all across the Island!


AURORA PROPERTIES has the most extensive portfolio of residential and commercial properties, with a unique focus of "new development". The company has an extensive property portfolio around the Island, with a wide range of prices that adjust to any budget. Residential properties include family homes, townhouses, walk-ups and apartments. We have commercial properties of all types and sizes to satisfy any business or investment needs. We also have land available for developers and investors looking for long-term valuation.

Aurora makes buying a property a one-stop-shop experience. Properties can be remodeled and improvements can be made to reach new property standards. You can also benefit from excelent incentives, which defines Aurora's advantage.

Aurora Properties is commited to offering a wide and varied selection of properties, providing great value for your money, making the purchase and closing process easier.